Turtle Morphology

I will be starting a series shortly on turtle identification. In order to do this series, I thought it might be appropriate to write a short introductory post to turtle morphology. The upper… Continue reading

Tricky Trillers

Perhaps the most challenging group of songbirds to identify by sound are the trillers. The species we will be examining in this post are Pine Warbler, Orange-crowned Warbler, Worm-eating Warbler, Palm Warbler, Chipping… Continue reading

Lesser Scaup vs. Greater Scaup vs. Ring-necked Duck

These three species of waterfowl are tough to tell apart and can often be found together. Ring-necked Ducks are the easiest to tell apart from the other two but this distinction can be… Continue reading

Fort Pulaski/North Tybee Beach 12/28/14

Last Sunday I went birding with Diana Churchill at Fort Pulaski and the beach at the north end of Tybee Island. At Fort Pulaski, we heard and saw one Sedge Wren and heard… Continue reading

GOS Fall Meeting – Altamaha Sound Boat Trip 10/11/14

The first field trip I went on at this year’s Georgia Ornithological Society fall meeting was in the Altamaha River Sound on a boat led by Tim Keyes. This trip had myriad highlights.… Continue reading

George Pierce Park 9/20/14

A couple of months ago, I went on an Atlanta Audubon Society walk led by Chris O’Neal at George Pierce Park in Suwanee, GA. The walk was fairly successful although I expected more… Continue reading

Harris Neck NWR 8/30/14

I am so sorry I am just now getting caught up on blog posts but my computer was having trouble uploading pictures and I have been very busy with schoolwork and everything else… Continue reading

Singing Insects 8/9/14

Today I heard four species of singing insects. The first, the Davis’ Southeastern Dog-day Cicada, I recorded singing in my backyard. This species gives a sound like a “buzz saw” increasing slowly and… Continue reading

Common True Katydid 8/3/14

Tonight I recorded some Common True Katydids singing in my neighborhood. They are some of the most noticeable and numerous insects on a summer night in my area. Below is a youtube video… Continue reading

Southwest Georgia 7/27/14

The other day I went birding all day with a friend – I was up at 4:30am and got home at 9:30pm – at various spots around Southwest Georgia. We saw many awesome… Continue reading