Disney World Birds

     This week my family and I visited Disney World in Orlando Florida and went to three parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Universal Studios.  I was very suprised at the amount… Continue reading

The Wonderful Works of John James Audubon

     John James Audubon was born in what is known today as Haiti and was French. His family soon immigrated to America when the Napoleonic Wars started. He was a true naturalist… Continue reading

Great Backyard Bird Count 2012

        Every year, the Great Backyard Bird Count is conducted and I am excited because this is my first year participating.  People all over the US count birds in parks, their… Continue reading

Atlanta Audubon Society Cochran Shoals Trip 2/26/12

     Today I went with my dad to the Cochran Shoals Unit of the Chattahoochee River near Dunwoody with some members from the Atlanta Audubon Society. While the weather was cold, we… Continue reading

The Berry Cool Cedar Waxwing

     I was out for a stroll yesterday when a Cedar Waxwing popped out in front of my face. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen Cedar Waxwings in Indiana and Canada,… Continue reading

The Lazy American Oystercatcher

     The American Oystercatcher is one of three species of Oystercatcher that live in North America.  It is a fairly large shorebird with a long, flat, red bill, a black head and… Continue reading

Bird of Prey Paradise

     While I was on my final trip with GOS this past weekend at Elbow Swamp Water Treatmeant Facility, I saw many cool birds like Wilson’s Snipe, Short-Billed Dowitcher, Northern Flicker, Virginia… Continue reading

The Perching Bird of Prey

     Most people tend to think of the long, drawn out “keeeeer” of the Red-Tailed Hawk, or the great majesty of the Bald Eagle when they hear about birds of prey.  It… Continue reading

The Stubborn Red-cockaded Woodpecker

I just recently saw a really cool new lifer, the endangered Red-Cockaded Woodpecker.  We found this bird in a forest containing strictly Longleaf Pine trees(with a few Slash and Loblolly Pines) maintained by… Continue reading

Brown-headed Cowbirds and Parasitic Birds

     The other day walking around at school, I heard a short bubble-bubble-zz.  I had heard this noise before online and from many bird song guides, but I had never heard it… Continue reading