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Savannah NWR 7/14/14

A couple of weeks ago I birded Savannah NWR with my younger cousins and their friend. We had an awesome trip and saw some cool birds like Orchard Oriole, Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, Least Bittern,… Continue reading

GA Pelagic Trip 5/31/14

This past Saturday, my dad and I joined 26 other birders on a pelagic trip organized by Trey McCuen off of the coast of Georgia. We rode in the Cumberland Queen II, one… Continue reading

Cochran Shoals 7/28/13

This morning my father and I visited Cochran Shoals for a couple of hours to see what was happening there. I will remember this trip especially because we saw a compliant Yellow-crowned Night-Heron… Continue reading

Dragons and Damsels in Fremont, Indiana

This past week (the week after my camp), my family and I visited Fremont, Indiana to see family. While there, on Snow Lake, I saw a few interesting species of dragonflies and damselflies.… Continue reading

Sewanee Field Adventure Part 5: Cool Caving (100th Post!!!)

The second Monday morning of the camp, the group went caving with the cave biology professor. We learned about the difference between troglobionts – organisms that spend their whole lives in caves, and… Continue reading

Sewanee Field Adventure Part 3: Fun on the Farm and the Beauty of Burning

On Friday, June fifth, the group visited the native plant garden, Cheston Farm and one of the burn sites on the campus. I had some fun working in the garden and seeing the… Continue reading