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George Pierce Park 9/20/14

A couple of months ago, I went on an Atlanta Audubon Society walk led by Chris O’Neal at George Pierce Park in Suwanee, GA. The walk was fairly successful although I expected more… Continue reading

Savannah NWR 7/14/14

A couple of weeks ago I birded Savannah NWR with my younger cousins and their friend. We had an awesome trip and saw some cool birds like Orchard Oriole, Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, Least Bittern,… Continue reading

Bartow County 6/30/14

This morning, I went birding at various spots around Bartow County. Highlights include lifers Grasshopper Sparrow and Dickcissel as well as Georgia-bird Horned Lark. I heard and saw all three of these species… Continue reading

George Pierce Park 6/26/14

Last Thursday, I went birding at a new place, George Pierce Park. The park has a large pond with a nice board walk and trail going through and around it. The pond is… Continue reading

Camp TALON 6/3/14 – Okefenokee NWR and Altamaha WMA

On the third day of Camp TALON, we visited Okefenokee NWR in the morning and Altamaha WMA in the afternoon. The habitat at Okefenokee was beautiful and the organisms we saw diverse. I… Continue reading

Kennesaw Mountain

I went on a walk today with my dad and a friend at Kennesaw Mountain looking for warblers migrating through the state. There was no official Atlanta Audubon Society walk today but one… Continue reading

Plestiodon Encounter

Yesterday, while mowing the lawn I came across a hatchling Plestiodon skink darting between the blades of grass. While Plestiodon species are the most common reptile found around my house, I did not… Continue reading

Sewanee Field Adventure Part 8: Wrappin’ It Up at the King’s Farm

On the last two days of camp, Thursday and Friday (7/11/13 and 7/12/13), the group went to an area of campus called the King’s Farm for its past use as a farm. The… Continue reading

Sewanee Field Adventure Part 5: Cool Caving (100th Post!!!)

The second Monday morning of the camp, the group went caving with the cave biology professor. We learned about the difference between troglobionts – organisms that spend their whole lives in caves, and… Continue reading

Sewanee Field Adventure Part 3: Fun on the Farm and the Beauty of Burning

On Friday, June fifth, the group visited the native plant garden, Cheston Farm and one of the burn sites on the campus. I had some fun working in the garden and seeing the… Continue reading