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Camp TALON 6/3/14 – Okefenokee NWR and Altamaha WMA

On the third day of Camp TALON, we visited Okefenokee NWR in the morning and Altamaha WMA in the afternoon. The habitat at Okefenokee was beautiful and the organisms we saw diverse. I… Continue reading

Slickrock Creek 4/20/14

This morning, my family and I went on a walk led by two naturalists at the Snowbird Mountain Lodge in North Carolina while we are away for Easter break. The walk took place… Continue reading

A Salamander Surprise

Yesterday (3/9/14), I stopped in at the nature center to walk my dog with my Dad, but not without my binoculars and camera, of course! At one point on the trail, my dad… Continue reading

Cochran Shoals 9/15/13

Yesterday, my father and I went on the Atlanta Audubon Society field trip at Cochran Shoals to see some warblers. We got about 10 species of warblers, and I got two lifers! I… Continue reading

Sewanee Field Adventure Part 8: Wrappin’ It Up at the King’s Farm

On the last two days of camp, Thursday and Friday (7/11/13 and 7/12/13), the group went to an area of campus called the King’s Farm for its past use as a farm. The… Continue reading

Sewanee Field Adventure Part 7: Slippery Swimming Salamanders

Today the group visited a creek on the campus to do some water quality and riparian habitat analysis. We looked at various qualitative features of the stream like the surrounding shade-providing vegetation essential… Continue reading

Sewanee Field Adventure Part 1: Overgrowth Unveiled

For the past two weeks, I attended a fantastic camp hosted by the Sewanee Environmental Institute on the spectacular 13,000 acre campus of the University of the South. The biodiversity in the old… Continue reading

Sewanee Field Adventure Part 5: Cool Caving (100th Post!!!)

The second Monday morning of the camp, the group went caving with the cave biology professor. We learned about the difference between troglobionts – organisms that spend their whole lives in caves, and… Continue reading

Newman Wetlands Center Frog Slog 6/8/13

Two nights ago I went to the Newman Wetland Center in Jonesboro for a two-hour presentation on the frogs of Georgia followed by a “Frog Slog,” or walk through the wetlands listening to… Continue reading

Cochran Shoals 5/25/13

A couple of days ago, my father and I took our dog to Cochran Shoals in the afternoon to see what we could find. While we only saw 15 species of birds, I… Continue reading