Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve 2/5/16

About five days ago, I ventured over to Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve to see what I could find in about an hour and a half. The highlight of the trip was a 15-minute look at a Brown Creeper that worked its way along almost every branch of a large oak by the bird feeders until moving to the next oak over and doing a slightly less thorough job. This was my first creeper of the season and they are some of the coolest birds to watch! Sadly, my memory card had already run out of space at that point, so I was unable to acquire any photos of the creeper. Another highlight was hearing two Barred Owls doing “Who cooks for you?” calls back and forth at one another. It was great to get back to a place I have wonderful memories of from my early birding career with a couple of nice treats thrown in as well!

Birds (27 species, 0 lifers):

Mallard  2

Red-shouldered Hawk  1

Mourning Dove  2

Barred Owl  2     Calling back and forth.

Red-bellied Woodpecker  6

Downy Woodpecker  6

Northern Flicker  1

Pileated Woodpecker  1

Blue Jay  2

American Crow  4

Carolina Chickadee  10

Tufted Titmouse  6

White-breasted Nuthatch  1

Brown-headed Nuthatch  6

Brown Creeper  1    

Carolina Wren  6

Golden-crowned Kinglet  1

Eastern Bluebird  1

Hermit Thrush  2

American Robin  4

Pine Warbler  6

Yellow-rumped Warbler  3

Eastern Towhee  1

Northern Cardinal  4

Red-winged Blackbird  2

House Finch  3

American Goldfinch  1


Brown-headed Nuthatches were excavating a hole in this dead tree


Downy Woodpecker