Marietta CBC 12/18/15

I haven’t published a post in quite a while so here it goes. A week before Christmas, I participated in the Marietta Christmas Bird Count. I birded a portion of Marietta from about 7:30 am to 1:30 pm. Some of the places we birded include Cheatham Hill Memorial Park and the back part of Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. Due to the freezing conditions, the birds were not as active as normal, but some highlights include 15 Wild Turkeys and 2 Field Sparrows. Below is the list of species we had.

Birds (32 species, 0 lifers):

Canada Goose 30

Pied-billed Grebe 1

Great Blue Heron 1

Mourning Dove 1

Red-bellied Woodpecker 2

Downy Woodpecker 2

Northern Flicker 2

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 1

Eastern Phoebe 2

Blue Jay 18

American Crow 10

Carolina Chickadee 21

Tufted Titmouse 3

White-breasted Nuthatch 11

Brown-headed Nuthatch 10

Carolina Wren 2

Golden-crowned Kinglet 1

Ruby-crowned Kinglet 1

Eastern Bluebird 30

Wild Turkey 15

American Robin 73

Yellow-rumped Warbler 3

Brown Thrasher 2

Northern Mockingbird 3

Chipping Sparrow 30

Field Sparrow 2

European Starling 60

Cedar Waxwing 3

Eastern Towhee 3

Northern Cardinal 3

Red-winged Blackbird 20

House Finch 3


Yellow-bellied Sapsucker – a common wintering species


Wild Turkey – this male was strutting his stuff


Northern Mockingbird