Singing Insects 8/9/14

Today I heard four species of singing insects. The first, the Davis’ Southeastern Dog-day Cicada, I recorded singing in my backyard. This species gives a sound like a “buzz saw” increasing slowly and then decreasing more rapidly in volume. The second, the Woodland Meadow Katydid, I recorded at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in a bush alongside the path. This Katydid species makes a song that sounds like a varying number of introductory notes followed by a medium-paced trill, the whole song with a burry quality.  The third, Allard’s Ground Cricket, was singing its sweet, slow trill from the ground under some bushes around a mailbox in my neighborhood. The final, Columbian Trig, was singing a pleasant song in some medium-sized trees in my neighborhood. All were recorded with my iPhone 5s. Below are the youtube videos for these species.