Hog Island 6/18/14

The third day brought no actual birding but rather various demonstrations. In the morning, we enjoyed the second part of the Introduction to Ornithology presentation (the first part of which had been given previously) followed by a presentation on how to fully reap the benefits of eBird. In the afternoon, we set up some mist nets in the center of Hog Island and watched as the master bird bander on the island banded the birds and taught us about how to sex the birds, look for fat and let us hear how fast a bird’s heart beats. In the mist nets, we caught a Black-throated Green Warbler, a Northern Parula, and a Golden-crowned Kinglet and it was awesome to see these birds so close up. The other highlight of the banding session include seeing my first Pink Lady’s Slipper along the trail.


Pink Lady’s Slipper