GA Pelagic Trip 5/31/14

This past Saturday, my dad and I joined 26 other birders on a pelagic trip organized by Trey McCuen off of the coast of Georgia. We rode in the Cumberland Queen II, one of the ferries that goes to and from Cumberland Island. The boat left the dock at St. Mary’s at 2 AM to reach the gulf stream by 6:30 AM. We birded for about seven and a half hours in the gulf stream and then returned to the dock at 6:30 PM. Most of the birds we saw were lifers for me as this was my first pelagic trip so basically everything was a highlight. Luckily, the seas were very calm (1-2 ft) yet we still saw a good number of species. I was unable to take pictures because my camera was having problems, but below is a list of everything we saw.

Birds (15 species, 10 lifers):

Wilson’s Storm-Petrel 17

*Band-rumped Storm-Petrel (Grant’s) 2

*Leach’s Storm-Petrel 1

*Black-capped Petrel 7

*Sooty Tern 1

*Bridled Tern 1

Laughing Gull 4

*Cattle Egret 2

Common Tern 1

*Cory’s Shearwater 8

*Audubon’s Shearwater 4

*Sooty Shearwater 1

Royal Tern 8

*Pomarine Jaeger 1

Snowy Egret 1


Marine Mammals (2 species, 1 lifer):

Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin (large form) 2

*Atlantic Spotted Dolphin 15


Fish (1 species, 1 lifer):



Aquatic Plants (1 species, 1 lifer):

Sargasso Seaweed