Hangover Lead 4/20/14

Last Sunday, I went on a 7-mile roundtrip hike with my family over Easter break to an open rock outcrop called Hangover Lead that overlooks the Southern Appalachians in North Carolina. The view is spectacular. I have done the hike 4-5 times now and I love it every time although this time the trees had not adorned themselves with leaves quite yet so the experience was somewhat different. The trail is lined with rhododendron, Carolina Springbeauty and Trout Lily over much of its length along with other tree, shrub and herb species. I have seen Wild Turkey along the trail in the past but did not catch sight of one this time around. I did hear some interesting bird species, however, and saw many Dark-eyed Juncos (slate-colored).

Birds (8 species, 1 lifer):

*Ruffed Grouse 2

Broad-winged Hawk 1

Downy Woodpecker 1

Northern Mockingbird 2

Black-and-white Warbler 2

Hooded Warbler 1

Pine Warbler 2

Black-throated Green Warbler 4


Butterflies (4 species, 3 lifers):

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

*Spicebush Swallowtail

*Juvenal’s Duskywing

*Horace’s Duskywing


Wildflowers (3 species, 3 lifers):

*Trout Lily

*Carolina Springbeauty

*White Trillium


Lichen (2 species +1 other taxa, 2 lifers):

*Smooth Rock Tripe

*Lungwort Lichen

Cladonia sp.


Fungi (1 species, 1 lifer):

*Black Morel


Male Horace’s Duskywing – Erynnis horatius


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail – Papilio glaucus


White Trillium – Trillium grandiflorum. The light center of the flower of this species differs it from the Sweet White Trillium and the white form of the Red Wakerobin that both have flowers with black centers.


Halberd-leaved Violet – Viola hastata


The view of the creek from the forest service road


The clouds hung low this morning in the valley just outside of Snowbird Mountain Lodge


Azure Bluets – Houstonia caerulea


Male Juvenal’s Duskywing – Erynnis juvenalis


Black Morel – Morchella elata


Lungwort Lichen – Lobaria pulmonaria


Smooth Rock Tripe – Umbilicaria mammulata


Carolina Springbeauty – Claytonia caroliniana


Trout Lily – Erythronium americanum. This species gets is name from the brown speckling on its leaves, which resemble the scales of a Brown Trout.


Dark-eyed Junco – Junco hyemalis


Cladonia species – either British Soldiers (C. cristatella) or Southern Soldiers (C. didyma)


Male Spicebush Swallowtail – Papilio troilus