GOS Fall Meeting Part 2 – Andrew’s Island and Gould’s Inlet 10/13/13

As the second field trip for the fall meeting, my Dad and I went to the Andrew’s Island spoil site and Gould’s Inlet at St. Simon’s Island. We saw a load of birds – about 2000! Most of them were Western Sandpipers, but the other highlights include Semipalmated Sandpipers, Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, Northern Shovelers, Blue-winged Teal, a Wood Stork, Reddish Egrets, Roseate Spoonbills, American Avocets, two Pectoral Sandpipers, a Wilson’s Phalarope, two Common Ground-Doves and a female Bobolink! I loved seeing all of the beautiful species and fun birders at this meeting and I can’t wait for the winter meeting!

Birds (36 species, 2 lifers):

Blue-winged Teal 100

Northern Shoveler 10

Wood Stork 1

American White Pelican 50

Brown Pelican 30

Great Blue Heron 3

Great Egret 2

Snowy Egret 2

Reddish Egret 3

White Ibis 35

Roseate Spoonbill 20

Osprey 2

Cooper’s Hawk 1

American Avocet 20

Greater Yellowlegs 50

Western Willet 3

Lesser Yellowlegs 50

Sanderling 10

Semipalmated Sandpiper 50

Western Sandpiper 1500

Least Sandpiper 10

*Pectoral Sandpiper 2

*Wilson’s Phalarope 1

Laughing Gull 75

Herring Gull 5

Common Ground-Dove 2

American Kestrel 1

Eastern Phoebe 1

Fish Crow 20

Carolina Chickadee 1

Ruby-crowned Kinglet 1

Gray Catbird 1

Western Palm Warbler 2

Eastern Towhee 2

Northern Cardinal 3

Bobolink 1

Butterflies (2 species, 1 lifer):

Gulf Fritillary

*Little Yellow

Dragonflies (3 species, 1 lifer):

Common Green Darner

Blue Dasher

*Carolina Saddlebags

Wildflowers (1 species, 0 lifers):

Coastal Morning Glory

Grasses (1 species, 1 lifer):

*Pink Muhly


Little Yellow


Pink Muhly