Georgia Perimeter College Fern Talk and Walk 6/21/13

This past Friday, I visited the Decatur campus of Georgia Perimeter College, where they host a native plant garden. The botanist there, Dr. Sanko, gave an hour and a half talk about how to identify ferns and then a short walk through the garden following the talk. I was quite fascinated by the talk although I had to cut out of the walk soon after it started. I got some lifers, and not only in ferns! First and most interestingly, I heard a Swainson’s Warbler singing in the wooded area behind the garden! There was also a Red-eyed Vireo that joined it. I got two tree lifers, Georgia Oak – Quercus georgiana (an endangered species) and Loblolly Bay – Gordonia lasianthus and one lifer shrub, Buttonbush – Cephalanthus occidentalis. Furthermore, I got to see my first species of spikemoss – Selaginella as well as a female Eastern Pondhawk.




Loblolly Bay leaves and flower buds