Brook Run Park 6/22/13

This Saturday I led my second nature walk at Brook Run Park by my house from 8:00-11:00 A.M. The walk was pretty successful! We heard the same (probably) Wood Thrush singing the whole morning and this time I got to see it! We also heard and saw a Gray Catbird, one species we did not have on the last walk. It was also quite a treat finding a few other species not seen on the last walk including an Ebony Jewelwing, a Green Frog, an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, a Funnel Clitocybe – Clitocybe gibba, a Sensitive Fern – Onoclea sensibilis, an Asiatic Dayflower – Commelina communis, and Yellow Sweet Clover – Melilotus officinalis. Aside from these additions to the list, you can check my last post for plant species we saw. The birds we saw were different, so I will list them here:

Wood Thrush

Northern Cardinal

Tufted Titmouse

Blue Jay

Gray Catbird

Carolina Chickadee

Carolina Wren

Eastern Towhee

Red-shouldered Hawk

Downy Woodpecker

American Robin


Sensitive Fern


Asiatic Dayflower


Unripe Blackberries


Blackberry leaf


Funnel Clitocybe