Newman Wetlands Center Frog Slog 6/8/13

Two nights ago I went to the Newman Wetland Center in Jonesboro for a two-hour presentation on the frogs of Georgia followed by a “Frog Slog,” or walk through the wetlands listening to and looking for the frogs about which we learned. The group was lead by a fantastic leader, one of Georgia’s expert herpetologists, John Jensen. The night was very magical and enriching. We saw and heard a good amount of interesting species:

  • *Cope’s Gray Treefrog – seen and heard
  • *Green Treefrog – seen and heard
  • *Northern Cricket Frog – heard only
  • Green Frog – seen and heard
  • Bullfrog – seen and heard

I absolutely had a blast! Around my house, encountering a frog is an uncommon occurrence for me, so this walk allowed me a chance to really see and hear some frogs I would otherwise miss near home. These wetlands were stock full of frogs too! We heard a chorus of probably hundreds of individuals across the species. It was definitely an experience to remember for the rest of my life!