Lillies, Tulips and Snowbells, Oh My!

     We are in the heart of spring when all the flowers are blooming, the trees are blossoming and there’s pollen everywhere. Daylillies, tulips, Chinese Wisteria (invasive but still), snowbells, azalea, rhododendron, Flowering Dogwood, daffodils, Big-leaf Magnolias and many more flowers are in full bloom everywhere. Specifically, though, I took a field trip recently to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with my black-and-white film photography class (but I brought my digital camera as well of course) and I got many great pictures. I have not been to those gardens in about 10 years so it is great to see them again. Here are some pictures:

pink tulips
yellow and orange daylillies
Blossoms on a tree I do not know the name of
more yellow and orange daylillies
an assortment of light pink, yellow and red, and orange tulips
white tulips and light pink daylillies