Little Tybee Island 3/9/13

Over spring break, my family and I visited Tybee Island. We went on a phenomenal ecotour with Captain Rene Heidt with Sundial Charter Tours. We had some great close-up views of dolphins alongside the boat and saw many cool bird species and shells and other organisms along the walk.
Birds (17 species, 0 lifers):
Bufflehead 3
Hooded Merganser 20
Common Loon 1
Horned Grebe 3
Brown Pelican 50
Double-crested Cormorant 75
Great Blue Heron 1
Turkey Vulture 5
Willet 40
Lesser Yellowlegs 1
Ruddy Turnstone 10
Sanderling 30
Western Sandpiper 30
Ring-billed Gull X
Forster’s Tern 3
Royal Tern 1
Black Skimmer 1

Shells (5 species, 0 lifers):
Channelled Duck Clam
Incongruous Ark
Knobbed Whelk
Southern Quahog Clam
Giant Atlantic Cockle

Other (5 species, 1 lifers):
*Sea Pork
*Moon Sea Jelly
Cannonball Jelly
Horseshoe Crab
Bottlenose Dolphin

Brown Pelicans with Little Tybee in the Background
A Dead Moon Sea Jelly
Western Sandpiper
Sea Pork
Brown Pelicans
Bottlenose Dolphin with Young