Dunwoody Nature Center 10/28/12

     This past Sunday, I went with my dad to the Dunwoody Nature Center to go birding and take our dog on a walk with us. We went with the purpose of seeing the product of the work that has been done restoring the meadow and it looks amazing! It is so much better than it used to be! Anyways, it was a fairly drab day and there was not much activity. I only got three species of birds, Northern Cardinal and Carolina Wren being the two expected ones. But I did hear one bird that is a lifer for me and quite a cool one at that! It was about dusk and we were just about to get in the car to ride back home when the loud, deep noise of a Great Horned Owl echoed through the woods to our left!!! I couldn’t believe it! It was a real treat because I had not heard an owl in years! This is also the first lifer I have ever gotten at the Dunwoody Nature Center, so that is pretty exciting too! I will definitely be going back there at dusk soon!
Birds (3 species, 1 lifer):
Northern Cardinal 5
Carolina Wren 1
*Great Horned Owl 1

Trees (9 species, 1 lifer):
Shortleaf Pine
Loblolly Pine
Eastern Sycamore
Eastern Redbud
Blackjack Oak
Yellow Poplar
*Bluejack Oak
Hickory sp.