A New Creation

     I have not done a blog post in almost a month and I got the idea to write a poem Friday night, so I thought  I would put it on my blog. Here it is:

Ere the first melodic song
Echoed through the forest,
Made by a winged creature
Atop a tall tree,
An artist stands in front of her easel,
Her right hand preoccupied
With pensive brush strokes
Drifting across the surface of the canvas,
Her other hand wielding a palette.
Red, blue and green
Are all she needs,
A limited assortment,
Yet spectacular at the same time;
For these colors
Are more vibrant,
More pure,
More enthralling
Than any previously seen
By the human eye.
With the final sweep of her brush,
A gorgeous creature
Lifts off the page,
And takes its first breath.
When it becomes known
To humankind,
It is given the name
Painted Bunting.
Alas, the painter’s work here is done,
But other creatures yet to come,
 Blank canvases lacking color,
Await the gentle touch
Of her brush.