Tybee Island Marine Science Center Beach Walk 9/2/12

This past Sunday, I went on a “Beach Walk” with the Tybee Island Marine Science Center. The leader was really nice and had a great sense of humor. We learned quite a few interesting facts. We saw barnacles, all sorts of tiny hermit crabs, whelk snail egg casings, skate egg casings, soda straw worm casings and ghost shrimp holes. We also learned that Ark Shells have perfect circles in them due to the drilling a Moon Snail does with its tongue to eat the snail inside. Overall the trip was fun and extremely interesting.

The native species of barnacle to the Georgia coast, the Ivory Barnacles. When at a young age, barnacles are minuscule animals that look for a hard surface to attach to and grow a hard shell around them. They then use their legs to filter feed, spending the rest of their lives in that position.
The partially pink barnacles pictured here are the non-native invasive species, the Giant Pink Barnacle