A Connection with a Dragonfly

About a week ago, I went to the pool with some friends and had a fun time. While we were throwing around a ball, I noticed a dragonfly buzzing around in the middle of the pool! There are no natural perches in or around my pool so it was strange. This guy landed on my friends hair for a moment before he flung his head around to get him off. I could tell that the dragonfly was looking for a perch and so I held my finger out above the water and immediately it landed on the tip of my finger! It sat for a minute or so-me staring at him and him staring right back at me. I tried to move him around a little to get good looks at his abdomen, thorax, head, wings and legs to help ID him, but I forgot some of the details. I looked through my book when I got home and I believe that it was a Lancet Clubtail but   my book does not have but 100 species of dragonflies and damselflies total and there are something like 96 species of clubtail in the US so I’m not sure but that is my best guess. I did not get any pictures, but it was still a really cool moment!