The Berry Cool Cedar Waxwing

     I was out for a stroll yesterday when a Cedar Waxwing popped out in front of my face. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen Cedar Waxwings in Indiana and Canada, but I never would have thought to see one in the suburbs back home. Sometimes even though a guide says that a particular bird might visit my area during migration or winter or summer, I don’t always believe it due to the fact that I may have never thought to see such a cool bird in a city, or because I have seen them elsewhere than Georgia and my mind confines the habitat of that bird to that state only. Anyways, I obviously stop to observe this phenomenon when five seconds later a flock of 75 more previously unnoticed birds fly into the same tree and start devouring the berries. I suppose it is normal to see this species in a berry-producing plant, but I would have never guessed that I they would be living in the suburbs!

This bird truly is cool to look at with its oddly-shaped body, black, tear-drop shaped mask around its eye, and yellow tip at the bottom of its tail. In fact, I have heard that since the 60’s a growing population of orange-tip-tailed waxwings were increasing, so I checked it out. Turns out there is a new species of honeysuckle living in the United States that apparently just came during that time period that makes any new tail feathers on the waxwing turn orange! I have seen the orange tips in pictures, but that would be cool to see in real life!