Everybody Loves Winter Birds!!!

     Each year a multitude of birds come to visit my backyard during the winter time.  Much, much more than the few that visit during the summer.  Species include Northern Flicker, Brown Creeper, Red-winged Blackbird, Dark-eyed Junco, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Pine Warblers, and many, many Pine Siskins.  Two lifers for me that joined the party this year were the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and the Hermit Thrush.  Not only a big number of species come, but also many birds that are seen year round increase greatly in sheer numbers.  The most notable of these is the American Robin and Brown-headed Cowbird.  I typically only see one or two (if I’m lucky) Northern Flickers and Brown Creepers each winter, making them a real treat! Regardless, it is still extremely enjoyable watching the huge flocks of other species bathing in the pond, feeding on the ground, or devouring the bird food in my feeders.  My pond is fairly small, making it unbelievable that it has hosted up to 60 birds at one time in the waterfall and around the edge both drinking and bathing! The feeders must be filled up more regularly during the winter because all species of birds are looking for food when it is scarce.  Sure, I enjoy spring and fall migrations, and the whimsical hummingbirds during the summer, but my favorite time of the year to go bird watching would definitely have to be winter!!!