Birds Nesting in and Around My Backyard

    So far, I have quite a few bird species nesting in and around my backyard! I bought an Audubon Society Eastern Bluebird house, and I am glad to say that it has been much more successful than those of past years! Here are all the species I have in my yard or near my yard:
Confirmed Species in Yard:
Eastern Bluebird-In the Audubon birdhouse on a pole. I put a squirrel baffle on the pole to prevent squirrels and snakes from reaching the nest and put it on a pole this year because the birdhouse last year was raided by a snake because it was attached to a tree. There are chicks that have been heard. The mother and father have been seen carrying beetles into the house. The father has been seen bathing at my birdbath.
Carolina Chickadee-In another birdhouse I have that was successfully inhabited last year. Chicks have been heard. Parents have been seen carrying seeds into the house. Parents have also been seen harassing a Tufted Titmouse away from the house. 
Carolina Wren-Nest is underneath our screen porch just outside the door to our basement. Chicks have not been observed, but materials of some sort have been carryied into nest.
Hypothesized Species in Yard:
Song Sparrow-Two were seen chirping within 5 feet of each other in a holly bush in my front yard. I have not seen a nest or heard chicks, but the possible parents have been seen searching in the dirt for earthworms. 
Confirmed Species in or Around Yard:
Northern Cardinal-Juvenile has been seen and heard out of nest with parents and being fed by parents in two of my neighbors’ yards. I have not seen them in my yard, but it is possible. Pictures of the juvenile and the mother feeding the juvenile are in the songbird album on this website. 
Hypothesized Species in or Around Yard:
Northern Mockingbird-Two have been seen at the same time feeding on my neighbor’s yard two houses over. Could have a nest in my yard, but is most likely nesting in a neighbor’s yard. A picture is in the songbird album on this website.
Hypothesized Species Around Yard:
American Crow-Only one individual has been seen flying close to yard, hanging out in yard, bathing in yard, and eating suet in yard. This bird could be part of a pair out on its own looking for food to bring to its nest nearby. Too big for the nest to be in my backyard and not have been seen. 
Brown-headed Cowbird-These birds would not have built a nest because they are intraspecific parasites, but a male and female hav been seen together all around the neighborhood. Eggs could be in my backyard, but are most likely not  because they have been seen so far away from my backyard.

Eastern Bluebird