Rufous Hummingbird 2/10/16

Earlier today, I visited the private residence of a birder in DeKalb who has had a Rufous Hummingbird at her feeders in the last few days. This would be a Georgia bird (although… Continue reading

Stone Mountain Varied Thrush 2/7/16

In the last couple of weeks, a very special bird has been spotted in Georgia. This species is the Varied Thrush, which typically lives in the Pacific Northwest. It is a beautiful bird,… Continue reading

Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve 2/5/16

About five days ago, I ventured over to Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve to see what I could find in about an hour and a half. The highlight of the trip was a 15-minute… Continue reading

The Power of Citizen Science

I just found this really cool article on eBird’s website about how¬†citizen science has contributed to our understanding of birds. Scientists were able to use data collected through eBird’s website to track the… Continue reading

Bartow County 1/16/16

Today I went birding all day with Patty McLean. We started off by heading to Bob Zaremba’s house to get the Calliope Hummingbird that has been hanging out there for the past few… Continue reading

Peculiar Bird Coloration

I decided to write a post about atypical bird coloration¬†because of the strange-looking juvenile Cooper’s Hawk I saw at the south end of Tybee Island a couple of weeks ago. The bird likely… Continue reading

Tybee South Beach 12/30/15

Over winter break, I birded Tybee south beach once on my own for about an hour and a half. The birding was especially productive and I saw some fantastic species. As I rounded… Continue reading

Chatham County Big Day 01/01/16

This New Year’s Day, as I have done for the past three years, I went birding with Diana Churchill all around the Savannah area trying to find as many species as possible in… Continue reading

Chatham County 12/27/15

Over winter break, I went birding quite a bit on the Georgia Coast. My first big trip was with Diana Churchill two days after Christmas. In the morning, we stopped at Tybee North… Continue reading

Marietta CBC 12/18/15

I haven’t published a post in quite a while so here it goes. A week before Christmas, I participated in the Marietta Christmas Bird Count. I birded a portion of Marietta from about… Continue reading